Getting Here 

There is NO direct road access to Ross Lake Resort! There are two different ways to reach Ross Lake. See which one applies to your trip below ... 

Hike In and Get a Shuttle Ride

This option is for those visiting for the day as well as campers and guests who do not want to take the ferry.

1. Park your car on HWY 20 at milepost 134 (the Ross Lake/Dam trailhead) and hike 1 mile down the trail.

2. At the end of the trail turn right onto the gravel road.

3. Follow the road down to the lake (you will see the Resort across the lake), and call us from the phone on the last power pole by the side of the road (dialing instructions located inside the box).

4. Take a quick shuttle ride across the lake to the resort for those with reserved services.


This is an on-demand service that operates from 8 AM - 6 PM and is $3 per person each way.

You can also hike all the way to the resort by turning left at the bottom of the hiking trail. Instead of hiking down to the water, you can hike across the dam and around to the resort. This will add approximately 2.5 miles to your hike. For printable hiking instructions and a map click here.

​Important Notes:

  • There is no restaurant or store on-site 

  • Leave your vehicle(s) empty at trailheads to reduce the risk of break-ins.

  • Due to COVID restrictions, there is no ferry operating for campers! All campers must park at the trailhead and hike their gear in. Visit our dedicated COVID website for more details. 

  • All day-use visitors must park at the trailhead and hike in. 

Diablo Ferry and Truck In 

The Diablo ferry is operating during the 2021 season for guests staying at the resort and campers only. You MUST make a reservation through Ross Lake Resort. Please email us here to receive additional information and to reserve your spot on the ferry.

* Due to ferry capacity restrictions, we ask that if you are able, please consider hiking in to lessen the ferry load.


Want to bring your personal canoe or kayak to Ross Lake? We offer truck portage between Diablo Lake and Ross Lake. Click here for more detailed information. For a printable portage map with instructions, click here

Getting Here Through Canada 

* The border has been closed during COVID. Be sure to check the status first.

Do you want to bring your personal watercraft that is larger than a canoe or kayak to Ross Lake? To do so you must go through Hozomeen Canada. Here's how ... 

The only vehicle access to Hozomeen is via the Silver-Skagit Road, a 39-mile (62.4 km) gravel road leaving Highway 1 just three kilometers west of Hope, British Columbia (exit 168). The Silver Skagit road is graded at times, but washboards and potholes are common. Carry a spare tire as flats occur due to sharp rocks. There is no gas or services available at Hozomeen.

Hozomeen has two graded cement ramps, which are generally accessible from mid-June through September. There is no boat launch on the south end of Ross Lake; to reach Hozomeen from the south, canoes, kayaks, and small crafts can be launched at Colonial Creek Campground, boated five miles on Diablo Lake, then portaged around Ross Dam to Ross Lake. See our portage page for more detailed information.