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Information for Thru-Hikers 

We receive a number of thru-hikers at the resort every season. Whether you're hiking the PCT, PNT, or another amazing North Cascade Mountain trail, here is some information you may find helpful. 


Hiker Boxes 

Do you want to have a care package waiting for you while you are out hiking? Yes, we do accept hiker boxes at the resort! Here's what you need to know ... 


$20 per package. If you do not pick-up your package, it is donated to our communal hiker supplies. If you would like your package(s) to be returned to you, it is $20 per package. 


Allow as much time as possible (at least 4 to 6 weeks) as it can take quite some time for us to receive packages.


Use more tape than cardboard. Your packages are moved a lot and go through a number of hands, cars, trucks, and boats.


Please use this exact template when addressing your package to ensure it reaches us. To make it even easier, you can use our printable PDF mailing label below. Please note, on each side of your box we ask that you include your name and eta.


Ross Lake Resort 

ATTN: Jill Russell 

503 Diablo St. 

Rockport, WA 98283 

Additional Hiker Resources 

* Click here for more information on hiking the PCT 

* Click here for more information on hiking the PNT

* Click here for more information on hiking you can do in the North Cascade National Park 

* Important note * - Due to limited dock area, we ask thru-hikers to be mindful of space usage and time management while resupplying and planning your next leg

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