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Meet the Ross Lake Crew 

Ross Lake Resort has been a family-operated business since 1952. Although we may not all be blood-related, we are a tight-knit quirky crew with all the different family dynamics represented. From our super-hero leader to our protective mama bear to our thrill-seeking younger brother and everything in between.

Meet our amazing crew ... 

Andy 1 .png

Andy Walker

Owner/President/Boat Captain


Don’t let the Biotech background of our Owner fool you, he has been coming to Ross Lake since 1982 and his great grandfather started the family annual tradition back in 1949! Andy purchased the resort in 2016 and is passionate about ensuring our guests (both longtime and new faces) enjoy the culture and beauty of Ross Lake. Since buying the resort he has become an excellent RLR apparel model and a world-class leader in shake installation, deck construction, and applying bumpers and bull rails…he's even a Boat Captain now! Andy is an avid fly fisherman and has lots of stories (not only fish tales). One of our favorite Andy taglines is “have I told you this story?!”

Andy 2.jpg
Baily 1.jpg

Baily Hollis

General Manager

On her first day of summer break from college, Baily received a call asking for help with housekeeping in the summer of 2008. She loved the atmosphere so much she has stayed with us even after school. She is a self-proclaimed professional “cat herder." She loves boat rides, the Nohokomeen Glacier, and the walkie-talkies she makes us carry around.  Having a personal vendetta against sticky notes (“where do they all come from!?”) she has become an excellent list maker. Holder of our worrier award, Baily has been dubbed "Mama Bear" to our staff.

Baily 2.jpg
Lucas 1.jpg

Lucas Qualls

Operations Manager/Boat Captain/Mechanic

In 2005, Lucas filled in for a friend and planned to be here for a couple of weeks and we haven't let him leave! Currently, Lucas is our resident mechanic and we often joke that if he can’t fix it, we are in trouble. Holding the speed record in the beloved Ross Lake Resort Catamaran, everyone gets excited to see him pulling up to the dock. Lucas is a dog magnet even though Ella gets a little jealous when he pets other dogs, she is learning to share him on occasion. When Lucas isn’t turning a wrench or driving a boat you can usually find him in his shop blowing glass. He has a pocket full of marbles everywhere he goes!

Lucas 2.jpg
Candi 2.jpg

Candi Lee

Office Manager

In 2018, Candi decided to embark on a life adventure accepting a position with us.  Since then she has been a go-getter accomplishing any task we put in front of her and even some we don’t! She has mastered our waitlist, never giving up hope to find someone to fill a canceled reservation! Candi has worked a few places in her life and she says “never in my life have I seen more sticky notes!” but we still haven’t scared her away. She has been a great addition to our crew (however she is always trying to get us to eat healthy snacks!) One of Candi's favorite Ross Lake activities is night paddling under the stars. 

Candi 1.jpg
Alec 1.png

Alec Burchuk

Boat Captain

Alec’s first year at RLR was in 2018 and boy did he wow us! His approach is calm and collected but he has plenty of energy and enthusiasm to tackle any task we ask him to. Native to New Hampshire, we don’t know if we will ever give him back! Being an avid photographer, camper, and snowboarder, Alec is always planning his next wilderness escapade. We knew he was going to be a great addition to the crew when he came to visit with a friend in the winter of 2017/18 and continued to visit anytime we would allow it. He is now a year-round staffer and we couldn’t be happier!

Alec 2.jpg

Tom and Carol Barnett

The Legends 

How can you sum up the legends in one paragraph!?

There is so much we could say about how wonderful they are and there are probably a billion and a half fun amazing quirks we could share! So what we ARE going to say is how thankful we are for the time and love they have given us over the years and the continued support they continue to offer us today. We can never repay our gratitude… but we will also never actually let them retire either!


Resort Fur Babies


Ella Hollis-Qualls

Professional Shadow of Lucas

In loving memory Dec 2023

Lovingly known as Lucas’ shadow, Ella has been coming to Ross Lake since 2011 but became a full-time resident in 2015. She keeps a close eye on Lucas and only leaves his side when it’s rainy to sleep under the office desk with Baily. Her only curse in life is being so shy yet so fluffy that everyone wants to pet her (she is so fluffy!) Ella is currently a social media sensation; she is always getting her picture taken and she absolutely adores boat rides … sometimes it is hard to get her to get out of the boat!

Luna Hollis-Qualls

Professional Exterminator

Luna is a typical CAT. She only wants to be touched if you don’t want to touch her and NEVER wants to be pet if you do. All things considered, she should be fired from her job because she basically sits in the sun on Lucas and Baily’s porch all day long. She truly IS a cat!


Kuba Hollis-Qualls

Eager Greater

Meet the newest member of our Ross Lake family Kuba! He began his RLR career in January of 2020 at only four months old. His tagline is (and may always be) ‘he’s a baby and still learning his manners… sorry in advance’. Kuba is full of energy and always looking for a table to snag a treat off of. He loves to roam the docks looking for his next mischievous adventure and taking long naps on his back in the office doorway.

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