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We have devoted the following COVID-19 website for updates on our current status, visiting guidance, and frequently asked questions.

Ross Lake Resort is continuing to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and how that will impact the our season. We will provide updates on this as the situation evolves. Learn more on our COVID-19 Website.

Welcome to Ross Lake Resort

Open from mid-June to October 31
Fishing is open on Ross Lake July 1- October 31

Ross Lake was created by the damming of the Skagit River and is in the recreation area of the North Cascades National Park. The elevation of the lake is 1600 feet and it is over 20 miles long. The climate is similar to Seattle's.

In existence since 1950, Ross Lake Resort is situated in a line of twelve individual cabins and three bunkhouses built on log floats. The resort is located on the west side of Ross Lake, just north of Ross Dam. It is the only facility on the lake and characterized by its remoteness (no direct road access).

• All lodging reservations at Ross Lake Resort are full for the 2020 season
- Note: due to COVID-19, we delayed our opening by 1-month and have also removed five cabins from our available rental cabins. This results in a reduced capacity at the Resort and also allows us to provide solo housing for our staff, per National Park Service guidance

• Reservations for 2021
- Some of our reservations are made available to returning guests and the rest are filled on a first-come-first-served basis from our waitlist
- Reservations for 2021 will be finalized in April of 2021
- Are you interested in a 2021 reservation? Please add your name to our waitlist

• Last minute cancellations
- Over the course of the season, we have a number of guests call and cancel reservations, sometimes last minute
- We fill reservations by contacting people from our waitlist and posting openings on our availability calendar
- If you are looking to pick-up a last-minute cancelled reservation in 2020, please add your name to our waitlist

• IMPORTANTLY: You don’t need to stay at Ross Lake Resort in order to enjoy Ross Lake. Please consider:
- Day Visit: You can hike down and visit the lake for the day. Go for a hike, go for a paddle, rent a motorboat to cruise the lake, go fishing...all are easy to do!
- Camping on the lake: There are 22 boat in or hike-in campgrounds on the lake. A backcountry camping permit from the National Park Service is required (More information here)…this is a great way to enjoy the lake

Call for Equipment Reservation
- (206) 486-3751

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Getting Here
Since there is no road access, there are two ways to get to Ross Lake Resort from Highway 20. You can choose to hike here or take the Diablo Lake Ferry which meets up with the Ross Lake Resort Truck.

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Ross Lake Resort
Map and Directions to Ross Lake Resort
All of our cabins are completely furnished and include electricity and hot and cold running water. Towels, bedding, tableware, pots and pans are provided. Bring your own food; there is no restaurant or store here.
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Call for a Reservation - (206) 486-3751
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Equipment Rentals
Ross Lake Resort rents motorboats, canoes, kayaks, and fishing rods to cabin guests, campers and day visitors .
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Recreational Activities
Fishing, Hiking, Backpacking, Tent Camping, Kayaking, Canoeing, Tours and More.
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Local Transportation
Offering Truck Portage between Diablo Lake and Ross Lake for canoes and kayaks, transportation across the lake and more.
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Map and Directions to Ross Lake Resort
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NPS Ross Lake Trail Map
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